Bolo Mexican Bear


2011 with Feet.


The Bolo Bear is the mascot of Liverpool department stores in Mexico.


Liverpool is a mid to high end department store chain with stores located throughout Mexico. Liverpool Department Stores has Pez produce a dispenser to look like their mascot and, according to the information we have, there were 25000 of these produced.



Bulldog Mini





Cow with "EAT MOR CHIKIN" on Stem (2008) with feet


Vache avec sur le pied inscrit : "EAT MOR CHIKIN" (2008) avec pied



Chuck E. Cheese


2010 With Feet




Chuck E. Cheese's (formerly Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre and Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza) is a chain of family entertainment centers. Chuck E. Cheese's is the main brand of CEC Entertainment, Inc., (NYSE: CEC) with its headquarters in Irving, Texas.


The concept is a sit-down pizza restaurant, complemented by arcade games, amusement rides, an animatronic show, and other diversions, such as climbing equipment, tubes, and slides − all mainly directed at younger children. The brand is represented by Chuck E. Cheese, an anthropomorphic mouse.


The company was founded as Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre by Nolan Bushnell in 1977, officially being labeled as the first family restaurant to integrate food, animated entertainment, and an indoor arcade. Pizza Time Theatre and Showbiz Pizza Place merged in 1984, bringing both concepts under the wing of Showbiz Pizza Time, Inc. In 1991/2, Showbiz Pizza Time, Inc. unified the two brands into Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza. In 1994, Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza underwent a redesign, changing to Chuck E. Cheese's by 1995. In 1998, Showbiz Pizza Time, Inc. was renamed to CEC Entertainment, Inc., removing any mention of Showbiz Pizza Place, Inc., the company that CEC Entertainment, Inc. started as. In 2007, the company celebrated its 30th anniversary, and as of May 2009, it operates 542 restaurants.





Geico Geicko


2010 with Feet.




The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is an auto insurance company. GEICO (pronounced /ˈɡaɪkoʊ/) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway that as of 2007 provided coverage for more than 10 million motor vehicles owned by more than 9 million policy holders. GEICO writes private passenger automobile insurance in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Rather than relying on agents to sell policies, GEICO uses a direct-to-consumer sales model and puts funds saved from not paying agent commissions toward the purchase of television advertising, with several campaigns running simultaneously in national markets. Its mascot is a gecko with a Cockney accent.


FAO Schwartz Bear



Fin des années 90s avec pied




Late 1990s with feet




FAO Schwartz est un très grand magasin de jouets américain présent sur tout le territoire. Ces ours ont spécialement été créés pour FAO par PEZ®. Il n'y a que 4 ours. Le même moule a été utilisé pour créé le nouveua "Icee Bear" ainsi que l'ours marron et le noir.


FAO Schwartz is a huge toy store that can be found nationwide. These bears were created exclusively for FAO by PEZ®. There are only four bears. The molds that were used to make these bears were also used to make the new Icee Bears as well as the brown and black bear.


Jack In The Box


Jack In The Box PEZ était offert avec un repas. La variante la plus difficile à trouver est celle sur laquelle est inscrit "Foodmaker" à l'arrière de la tête. Les plus communs ont "Jack In The Box" à la place.




Jack In The Box PEZ were premiums that came with a meal. The harder to find variation has "Foodmaker" written on the back. The more common ones have "Jack In The Box" instead.

Jack In The Box Pez article before they were released

Jack in the Box

Julius Paul Frank







 Paul Frank (full name Paul Frank Sunich), born August 29, 1967, is an American cartoonist, artist and fashion designer. His creations adorn clothing, accessories, and many other products. Julius the Monkey is one of Sunich's best-known characters, and has appeared in a wide variety of media.




Web Junction

Zielpunkt Smiley


1999 with feet


The Zielpunkt dispenser was made exclusively for the Austrian Supermarket chain, Zielpunkt. This came out in August of 1999 and are for sale in Austria. Although, there are many sites out all over that have them for sale. The word Zielpunkt is German for "on target".


Le distributeur Zielpunkt a été créé uniquement pour la chaine de supermarchés Autrichien Zielpunkt. Il est sorti en Août 1999 et était vendu en Autriche. Quoique, il y a beaucoup de sites qui les ont eu à la vente. Le mot Zielpunkt est allemand est signifie "objectif".


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