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Until now, there have been relatively few dietary supplements that were developed specifically for children. And anyone seeking products that simultaneously boosted mental performance and a child’s ability to concentrate, as well as offering a high fun factor, was out of luck. Now PEZ® smart is stepping in to fulfil this demand: with a PEZ® dispenser featuring a fun head and filled with PEZ® candies containing ingredients formulated to enhance concentration and brainpower. The sugar-free candies contain water-soluble vitamins, minerals, trace elements and L-glutamine. The candies provide the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, all of which are essential for various metabolic processes, for boosting the brain’s ability to retain information and concentrate, and for diminishing forgetfulness. Vitamin C is included for general well-being and energy, backed up by magnesium, selenium, zinc and L-glutamine. Minerals and trace elements boost the brain’s metabolism, the development of brain functions and enhance the ability to concentrate and work. The little PEZ® candies contain concentrated power. Two of the mini refills that this dispenser takes (one refill contains six candies) supplies 100% of the recommended daily intake of valuable vitamins and minerals.
PEZ® smart contains no artificial colours or flavourings, and it’s also sugar-free and contains xylitol for strong teeth.
PEZ® smart is aimed at parents who want to be certain that their children are getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need for healthy growth and to be able to concentrate in class. Children will also love the two dispenser figures, Brainboy and Braingirl: thanks to an integrated secret compartment, PEZ® smart can be used to dispense candies, for playing with, sharing with friends and hiding or exchanging secrets.
PEZ® smart launches internationally in spring 2010 and will go on sale in specialist stores (drug store chains, pharmacies etc.).

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