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Ben 10 is an American media franchise created by "Man of Action" (a group consisting of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle), and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Most of the productions are animated, but some have been live action. The franchise is about a boy who acquires a watch-like alien device attached to his wrist that allows him to turn into alien creatures.


The pilot episode of the original series, named Ben 10 aired on December 27, 2005, as part of a sneak peek of Cartoon Network's Saturday morning lineup. The second episode was shown as a special on Cartoon Network's Fridays on January 13, 2006. The final regular episode aired on April 15, 2008. The theme song for the show was written by Andy Sturmer and sung by Moxy.[1] In April 2008, Ben 10 was succeeded by Ben 10: Alien Force, which itself was succeeded in April 2010 by Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


Ben Tennyson was a normal ten-year-old kid until the day he found the Omnitrix. Once he put on this mysterious alien device, he couldn't take it off. The Omnitrix gave Ben the power to transform into ten different alien life-forms, and whether he wanted to or not, Ben became a superhero.


With the help of his Grandpa Max and Gwen, Ben defeated Vilgax, an alien warlord determined to rule Earth. Ben continued to fight to defend the Earth but before he turned eleven he found a way to remove the Omnitrix. His life went back to normal - for a while.





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