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Doodles- Fizz- Jake- Milo- Bella-




"Hey, hey, are you ready to play? The Tweenies are always ready to play! Join Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake as they play inside and outside, where fun and adventures never end. The Tweenies' bright activities clock signals the start of a brand new activity. Equipped with a television, video, computer, and telephone, the Tweenies' inside play area reflects the technology and diversity of the real world. Outside, the garden play area is filled with all the elements of a child's playground, complete with climbing frame, sand pit, water area and tress. It's where the Tweenies explore the outdoors in safety and fun! Bella is the eldest of the group and is nearly five. She tends to be very bossy and assumes she always knows best. Milo is four years old and is a bundle of energy. He has lots of imagination and tons of curiosity. Fizz is almost four and is upfront and energetic. She is creative, artistic, loves dancing and all things pink! Jake is nearly three and the youngest of the group. He is small and loveable and loves crawling over and under everything including Doodles, the loveable pet dog who is everyone's friend! Always there to help out are adults Max and Judy, who are fair and firm but full of fun. Bella, Milo, Jake and Fizz learn through songs, rhymes, games, stories, fantasy and creative play, encouraging children to wonder and explore as they develop skills that are important for life and for fun. Tweenies series producer Iain Lauchlan, who's been involved in children's programmes for the past 20 years, says "In Tweenies, we've taken great care to really define the 3-5 year old age range and give it its own identity - no other programme has ever done this before. The Tweenies is all about bringing the touchstones and experiences of that particular age range into the homes of every child in the country so they really feel a part of the Tweenies." Combining innovation and imagination, the Tweenies' bright and colourful world provides countless opportunities for learning and play, and promotes the confidence children need before starting school." -TV2 New Zealand









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