Snow White




Blanche Neige, fin des années 60s, sans pied

Les différentes couleur du lomprennent le blanc, le jaune, le turquoise et le vert.


Snow White, Late 1960s, no feet

Colar color variations include white, yellow, turquoise and green. Turquoise is worth slightly more.


Le monde magique des princesses Disney.


The Magical World of Disney Princess.

Disney Princess Website

2005-2006-2007 avec pieds


L'édition 2006 comprend : Aurora de "Sleeping Beauty" et Ariel de "The Little Mermaid". Blanche Neige date de 2007.


2005-2006-2007- with feet



The 2006 editions to the princess line are Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Snow White has been re issued in 2007.

Jasmine (2005)

Ariel (2006)

Cinderella (2005)

Mulan (2007)

Pocahontas (2007)

Sleeping Beauty (2005)

Belle (2005)

Snow White (2007)

Tiana (2010)

Rapunzel (2011)

Merida (2013)

Cinderella (2013)

Ariel (2014)

Snow White (2014)

Belle (2014)

Sofia (2014)

Mini Princesses 2015

Variation Top of the dress

Variation Hair

Hair Variation and Height

Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs

Snow White








3 Dwarfs French Printing






2012 with Feet

Set of 3 Dwarfs French Printing :


Boxes from 2014

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