Pezcific 12 th - February 21-23 rd

Japan Pez Gathering February 23rd

Green Bay 10th - April 5 & 6th

Mungia Spain - 1 Reunion de Colleccionistas de PEZ 6-7 th April

FinnPEZ Tampere 7th - April 20th

Northeast 15th- Stamford - May 2- 4th

21st National PEZ convention - June 13-15th

kleinmünchengathering 4th - Linz June 20-23rd

Slovenia 5th - June 24th - 30th

PEZAMANIA 23rd July 25th - 27th

Dairyville 13th - August 10th

MN PEZCon 18th August 1st-3rd

Steel City September 28 th

Linz Pez Gathering 10th - October 4th - 6th

Great Lakes PezEvent October 19th

Pez In The Sun 13th - October 25-26th

Japan October

SPG 2013 - November 9th

Christmas Pez Gathering

Pezilla Portugal 2013

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