Pezcific 14th February 19th-21st February

Japan 5th March 21st

1st ATX PEZ Gathering March 27-29th

NorthEast Pez Convention 17th- April 30th-May 2nd

FinnPez 9th - May 16th

Barcelona Spain May 16th

Kleinmunchen Linz June

Portugal June 20th


This pez was made to help a rescue center of cats and dogs in Castelo Branco Portugal. Was sold in the Gathering and then 3 or 5 in eBay


all have stem changed. 30 different characters were made


S. Lázaro is the name of the center


PezAMania 25th - July 23rd-25th


Dairyville 15 th August 8th

Jakarta 1st- August 15th

Slovenia 7th- August 18-22 nd

Vienna 1st - August 27-29th

Sin City Sptember 17-19th

Pez On the River September 25-26 th

Steel City September 26 th

SPG 2015

Pezylvania VI October 24 th Kutztown

Israel December



500 dispensers were made in total.
200 dispensers were made on the invitation card, while 300 dispensers were made loose and were used to decorate the room for the party.

About half of the 200 were mailed to partners and importers that pez does business were the rest were given out to collectors in one way or another.

That means that if you manage to get the party dispenser on card, you own one piece out of 200 made.

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