Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman is a creation of DC Comics. Her powers include incredible strength and the power of flight, bracelets that can deflect bullets, and a magic lasso spun from the girdle of Gaia.

"Formed out of clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, Diana of Themyscira was given life and great powers by the Olympian gods. Following tradition on the Amazon island, Diana was raised as a warrior, but she always had a desire to explore peaceful options to resolve conflicts. As Wonder Woman, Diana is an ambassador from the island of Themyscira to Patriarch's World, teaching a message of peace and equality by her own example.

After Diana's death at the hands of Neron, Hippolyta's supplication to the goddess Hera led to Diana's rebirth and transfiguration into the Goddess of Truth. Not long afterwards, Diana willingly relinquished her divinity to resume her role as Wonder Woman." -
DC Comics


Aside from the Hair copyrights and tab/no tab variations, there are supposedly 4.9 raised star Wonder Women as well as the 3.9 ones. There are also supposedly 2 different kinds of stem variations on the 4.9

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