Late 1990s with feet

Fin des années 1990s avec pied


I believe the first arcade series for pez was Donkey Kong Junior. He was available through a limited cereal box offer. Recently, PEZ came out with the ever popular Nintendo series, Mario Brothers.

"Sometime around 1980, Shigeru Miyamoto was developing his first video game. Based on Popeye, this game was intended to make Nintendo popular in America. The game was scripted, but shortly thereafter Nintendo lost the rights to the Popeye character. Miyamoto was then asked to design a new game based on his own ideas. The result was a game entitled Donkey Kong, starring "Jumpman." Later on, someone at Nintendo noticed Jumpman beared a striking resemblance to Mario Segali, the Italian landlord of Nintendo's office in New York. That was all it took to change Jumpman's name to "Mario." Miyamoto's next game, Donkey Kong Jr. starred "Mario" for the first time, but was technically the character's second appearance in a game.
" -the Mushroom Kingdom

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Je crois que la première série d'arcade Donkey Kong a été pez Junior.

Il était disponible par le biais d'une offre limitée de céréales. 

Récemment, PEZ est sorti avec la série de Nintendo toujours populaire, Mario Brothers.







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