Holiday Halloween

PEZ® has made many different Halloween dispensers. These include the rubber head Eerie Spectres, all the witch variations, pumpkins, Mr.Uglies, Dr.Skulls, and the new glow in the dark ghosts.


PEZ® a créé beaucoup de distributeurs Halloween. Ceci inclus les têtes caoutchouc Eerie Spectres, toutes les variantes, courges (Pumpkins),  Mr.Uglies, Dr.Skulls, et les fantômes lumineux dans le noir.


One-Eyed Monster





Début des années 1970s, avec et sans pied.


Existe en orange,marron, gris et jaune.


Early 1970s, no feet and with feet


This dispenser was available with either an orange, brown, grey, pink or yellow head.