Holiday Halloween

PEZ® has made many different Halloween dispensers. These include the rubber head Eerie Spectres, all the witch variations, pumpkins, Mr.Uglies, Dr.Skulls, and the new glow in the dark ghosts.


PEZ® a créé beaucoup de distributeurs Halloween. Ceci inclus les têtes caoutchouc Eerie Spectres, toutes les variantes, courges (Pumpkins),  Mr.Uglies, Dr.Skulls, et les fantômes lumineux dans le noir.











 Jack-o-Lantern - From 1980s

 A version- Die cut Face       C Version - Glow In the Dark  C Version with Glowing Stem

                       B version - Small Head                                     C version







Crystal Version

Crystal Green

Crystal Clear

Crystal Blue

Crystal Blue

Blue Crystal




D Version from 2003


The one on the Right is the Current Version


The 3 others others are Silvia Version










Silvia Pumpkins - 2010 -

Pumpkin E 2012

Pumpkin E 2013


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