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PEZ® introduced a character named Pezi. He was a detective. Pezi comics once came packaged with PEZ® Pal dispensers. The idea behind the PEZ® Pals was that all they were his disguises. There is a PEZ® Pal Colonial Judge that was shown on the candy boxes. Only one is rumored to exist.

The PEZ® Pals all have the same head. This head has holes in it. It's these holes that allow you to switch parts likes mustaches, hats, and whatnot to make new disguises for Pezi.


Made in Spain

Doctor Without Hair in Cello

Made In Spain

Début des années 1970s, sans pied.

Ces distributeurs existent en plusieurs versions. Avec ou sans cheveux, bleu, jaune ou blanc "stem".

Early 1970s, no feet.

This dispenser is available in several versions. He comes with or whithout hair either a blue, white, or yellow stem.


Mid 1970s


Début des années 1970s, sans pied.

Le pompier existe avec une moustache noire. La version avec la moustache blanche doit se trouver dans son emballage d'origine afin d'être considerer comme une variante. Il existe deux variantes : badge du casque gris clair ou gris foncé.

Early 1970s, withoutfeet,

The Fireman was available with dark moustache. White moustache rarities must be sealed in the package to be considered a variation. There are two variations, light gray badge or dark grey badge.


Début des années 1970s, avec et sans pied.

Existe en blonde ou en chevelure jaune.

Early 1970s, no feet and with feet.

The girl can be found with either blonde or yellow hair.


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